The Art of Buying A Golf Club

Buying a golf club is irritating without some working knowledge about the field. Sometimes I feel like all the technology advancements have gone into golf equipment. So I’m here to help. Whether you plan to buy a driver, putter, hybrid or a sleeve of balls, this articles will offer you some actionable insights. Of course for the best outcome, it is still highly recommended that you ask for advice from a professional club fitter. But I bet these following tips could be the next best thing.

1/ Shorter Is Better

If you plan to buy a driver, always remember this simple rule: choose closed over neutral and shorter over longer. As you might know, it is more likely that people are selling drivers with shafts that are 45 inches or longer and 44.5 inches long is the average driver used in a PGA Tour. Why is that? If the club is too long, it is hard to hit squarely. for woods, no matter which direction or how you slice it, shorter clubs are better.

2/ Buy A Combination of 3-, 5-, 7-wood

If you are like most golfers, 11 degrees of loft is not enough for you. That’s why you should buy a combination of 3-, 5- and 7-wood instead of the traditional combination of 3- and 5-wood. With these three clubs, you might drop five strokes, as like most golfers could when they apply this change.

3/ Replace Long Irons With Hybrids

Do you know that golf equipment manufacturers have been silently lowering the loft on their irons over the past 25 years? The only reason is that they want to justify their advertisement: our products can hit it farther. Consequently, for the average golfers, the 3- and 4-irons can’t be hit due to having a little loft. So what to do now? The answer is simple: buy hybrids. Instead of buying long irons, choose hybrids that are easier to hit and go the exact same distance. One important note is that to avoid the distance gaps, only replace your long irons with hybrids that have the save loft and length.

4/ Customized Equipment Might Help

Have you ever considered buying customized equipment? If you are new to golf or you are not confident with your current level, custom clubs might help. It’s common sense that this type of clubs is just for the professional. Wrong! In fact, the worse a golfer you are, the more you need these clubs which can be adjusted to match you and your swing.

5/ Buy A Good Ball

Finally, it’s important not to forget the ball. With technology advancements for the ball, nowadays you don’t have to choose between a rock and a  marshmallow anymore. So just make sure to buy a ball with high spin off a wedge and low spin off a driver.

It takes the time to have a profound understanding of golf club and how to choose a proper one. Be patient. Once you master the art of buying a golf club, you can see improvement when you play the game.

Janie G. Smith