How To Replace Your Garmin Nuvi 50 Battery

In the event you are new to this or are simply afraid of damaging your valuable Garmin device during a routine battery change, then the steps listed below will definitely be able to guide you through.

First things first, get your full battery replacement kit online at sites such as The kit includes a one-year warranty, an instructional video on how to change your battery and every single tool you need in order to do so.

The first step – remove the four screws on the back of your Garmin device with the special screwdriver provided in the kit. Gently pry along the edges with the applicator provided to open the Garmin. Opening the Garmin may take some time, it is vital that you do not get frustrated and try to force it open.

The second step – once you have got the device open, you will see two screws securing the circuit board. The circuit board is the green panel to which all the wires are connected. Use the same screwdriver to remove them. Once done, use the applicator to gently lift the circuit board out of its hold.

The third step – disconnect the original battery. You will see a white clasp with one red and one yellow wire attached to it. To disconnect the battery, simply remove the clasp from the circuit board.

The fourth step – the original battery will now be exposed. Use the same applicator as in the previous steps to gently edge around the battery to loosen it from its hold before removal. If you find the adhesive holding the battery in place to be too strong, use a hair-dryer on the back of the Garmin to loosen the resin before removing the battery.

The fifth step – once the battery has been successfully removed, place a reasonably sized strip of double-sided tape into the now empty battery compartment. Remove the paper side before placing your new battery into the hold.

The sixth step – connect your new battery. This can be easily done by connecting the white clasp, with the red and yellow wire, back to the circuit board. Carefully put the circuit board back in its hold. Again, it may take a few tries to get it lined up perfectly with its compartment. It is imperative that you take your time with this step. The last thing you want is a broken circuit board and having to buy an entirely new Garmin device.

The seventh step – once you have the circuit board back in its place, replace the two screws to hold it firmly in place.

Eighth step – ever-so-gently, snap your Garmin shut. Make sure that closing it doesn’t require any extra force to push the interior components together. If there is any indication that the interior parts may be loose, re-open the case and tighten the screws. Use your thumbs to press down on the four corners to ensure that the case is shut properly. Then, with the four screws, secure the casing of your Garmin device.

Ninth step – turn on your Garmin device to ensure that the battery is indeed powering the device. Once you have ascertained that, charge your device for at least two hours to have it working perfectly.

There you have it – 9 easy steps to change your Garmin Nuvi 50 battery.

Janie G. Smith