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How You Should Do to Start with the Sport Named ‘Golf’

In golf, it is not simply that there are only 2 things: stick and ball. Nowadays, golf GPS is even produced to help golf player to take aim at accuracy and affordability. You can read more golf GPS reviews to know how is the comparison of types of golf GPS to get best one if needed. But firstly, this article will help you answer some of the questions in the new phase getting acquainted with golf sport.

1. What Are the Necessary Tools And Accessories of A Golfer?

In order to begin practicing teeing, we suggest you preparing the basic tools and accessories for yourself. The normal golfers should start to practice swing with an iron stick No. 08 or No.07 but also, they will soon need the other sticks to practice different stroke. A full-box of sticks has totally 14 sticks. And you, before walking into the field, need to learn by heart the basic stroke like the tee with driver stick, using iron and wood stick, chip the ball around the green, stroke under sand traps and putt. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a set of sticks for yourself. The golf sticks have a lot of kinds and are designed to be suitable for golfers at different classes. Also linked to the speed when every golfer plays; but on the basis, the lighter and softer sticks are more friendly and easier to begin than the heavier and harder sticks.

About accessories, when beginning golfing, you will just need to bring suitable sporty gloves and clothes, including shoes for the golfer. If your golf shoes have nails, they should only use on the practicing carpet, and you have to restrict to put them on hard surfaces because that will make the nails of the shoes be time-worn and smooth up, so it is hard to help you to keep a good balance in the swing when you take a stroke on the grass. After the first stage, in order to walk into the field, it is necessary for you to equip more with something such as golf ball, tee, umbrellas, sunscreen, shoe bag, stick box (in case it rains) and some other small accessories.

2. Some Things A New Golfer Has to Know Are What?

  • Each round of playing golf includes 18 holes and 72 standard sticks
  • Say in a simple way, the winner is the golf player who takes the ball through all of 18 holes with the least amount of sticks
  • The quantity of sticks or stroke is called “Par”. Normally, there are Par 3, Par 4, Par 5
  • In an 18-hole field, there are normally the holes to get “Hole in one” (a straight stick into hole)
  • A golf ball weighs about 45 gram, and its minimum diameter is 42, 67mm. At the point to stroke the ball, they put the ball upon a little wooden pile that is equal to a little finger called “Tee”
  • The stick in golf is also named “club”, with these types: wood stick (5 types), iron stick (11 types) and movable sticks. In battle, you can use maximum that is 14 sticks (if in a match you use more than this number of sticks, you will be rejected from the game)
  • You must practice on the field to have the swing stroke (tee) that is far enough to meet the standard. For women, it is about 80 m and for men, about 130m to be able to take part in the match.
Janie G. Smith