How to Play Golf Professionally

This guide focuses on the cases and how to handle common golf way to provide these explain how to play golf is a simple way for players. This guide is not the alternative to how to play golf, which is used to arbitrate when there are these problems occur but the player is not sure how to properly handle. For more specific information about impending problems stated, invite you to see more of the gameplay involved such as the benefit of golf GPS reviews to select the best golf GPS or something like that. How to play basic golf isn’t hard to learn as you would normally think. The basic gameplay examples will guide you to the location to start the game, what to do when the ball into a water trap, lost the ball or the ball being OB, or when the entangled with fixed artificial objects such as lines, a polished backup. Why study the basic gameplay? Because besides the fact that knowing how to play the game of golf is very important to bring back the fairness objective for all players, having knowledge of the basic gameplay are also equally important as it not only can help you play 1 round of golf without the trouble or the basic controversy, that it can even help you save a few sticks in the process.

Part 1: General Issues

Need golf play with the true spirit of golf, and to understand how to play golf so well, you need to read about the conduct in how to play golf. The basic behavior principles as follows:

+ Show interest in other players. Play with reasonable speed and always prepare for the invited group played faster than faces (if you can not play quickly).

+ Keeping the playground by scraping the sand in the bunker, this stain on the ground (divot) repair ball marks and on the green of glass.

Before the start of a round of golf:

Read how local players on the points table or bulletin board. Bookmark for your ball because a lot of people play golf using the same brand golf balls and if you can’t accurately determine your ball, the ball will be viewed as lost the ball count the number of sticks in your pocket. You are allowed to carry a maximum of 14 sticks

While playing

Not be asked from anyone of these “tips” should do, except you alongside you (your teammates) or your caddie; also not allowed to recommend anyone except you along side with you; but you can ask for information on how to play golf, distance, or the location of the traps, or the location of the flag etc.

At the end of the game:

In the fight for resistance, make sure that the match result to be announced. In fighting sticks, be sure that your transcripts are recorded properly perfected (includes being signed by you and graded) and submitted to the committee as soon as possible

Part 2: Play Ball

Always play the ball in the area to tee box is marked by the tee marker (marked tee box area). The player may play the ball within two bats back behind the tee marker and can stand in the outer area to tee the ball, however, the ball must be in the area of the tee box.

If the player hit the ball outside the tee box:

– In fighting sticks (stroke play) players were fined 2 sticks and have to hit the ball back from the tee box

– In the match (match play) players not find however players could be asked to play the opponent the ball back on the condition that this request was put out right after the blow outside the tee box.

If the player cannot recognize the ball, the player can inform the opponent or you play and then mark the ball, pick up the ball to identify his ball. The player must hit the ball at the point the ball is located and not create advantages: for guest-oriented, to the region intended to create standing or swing, brandishing sticks or balls by road.

Janie G. Smith