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Guest Technical Pitch, Pitch And Run, Punch And the Flop Shot In the Sport of Go

In the match of golf, to have been a good achievement we have to have the correct techniques and the way we choose the accessories like sticks or golf gps (you can refer to reviews to golf gps reviews choose for you the best accessories to play). The quickest way to improve a score that you should play golf in trainings about 100 yards back. If watching the golfer to play the best in the world, you will see they do not focus so much on the fairway, but once in the 100-yard boundary, each ball is call a hunger target approached. This is the area of golf, the caste divide winners and losers. In addition to putting, short game is probably the most important part to score for any golfer. If you do not spend time in court, you should also not expect can the beautiful ball on the pitch. Here is the tutorial how to hit golf basics of golf. It will help you to find out the location of the ball would fit with hitting and some points to remember when you hit the ball.

Although the pitch, punch or flop shot, adjusting the correct posture can help you have more nice blow on the green. Next to the location of the golf ball, the difference between pitch, punch and the flop shot is the movements of the wrist because the length and the curve of the blow. After you understand the main points, it’s time you made and believe in his ability. Challenge yourself with the different objective way and don’t think too much about the difficulty of the blow.

1. Pitch

– On the ball with the stick slightly open. The ball is in the front center of the foot a little bit. Hold the sticks as usual with iron rod. Rolling the cane in the left thigh when on the ball. Body weight concentrated over the left foot is 60% and the left leg is 40%. Two of the feet, the knees, the hips and shoulders parallel to the straight line target ball.

– The road swing of the stick head is from the outside in with angles of attack up the slope to hit the ball up high. The left arm and body sticks forming a square L-shaped corner. Note not to face sticks is closed when the last position of your backswing.

– When moving the sticks through the ball, then the knees have to put towards your goal. Don’t turn the wrist or the left. The surface sticks should open and navigate on your face after you just touch the ball.

2. Punch

– This is the same style pitch but we just changed some points. Ball set back near the right leg. The weight concentrated on the left foot a little more than hit the pitch. Backswing with steeper attack angle, elbows close to people (the sticks moving down the ball when the downswing straighten over).

– Degree loft face sticks when in contact with the ball also fell over, so the ball will fly lower. The rod side is still open after exposure.

3. Pitch and Run

– Pitch and run guest may use the model for a distance of about from about 25 to 75 yards. When using this style you need attention to the edge of the green and about wide on green to identify the point of falling ball and rolling ball distance.

– How on the ball as the guest of type 2 and type of pitch punch but keep shorter sticks a bit. The ball is near the middle of the two legs. Two legs perpendicular to the straight line target ball.

– Follow rhythmic swing and mainly in the arms and hands. Two hands to the left and front of the thighs. Keep the left side of the body for sure, not being inclined to through the ball.

4. Flop Shot

– This is the hardest hit. Used in the case of green is narrow and there are many traps around. Ball put forward a bit, near the left foot. Body weight is concentrated right through to create an more loft more than for the same time, sticks the surface sticks also opens, the two hands in the back of the ball to increase the loft of the sticks up more.

– When the downswing, try to keep the wrist must not release long possible. You have to be strong and don’t worry you will hit too strong because the ball also cannot fly far. When the backswing, the weight on the right side, the stick and the ball open placed forward of the two legs.

Janie G. Smith