Four Steps To Buy Good Golf Shafts

Golf is a luxurious sport. A lot of people are willing to pay a huge amount of money to buy the best golf clubs. But the funny thing is that they have no idea about choosing clubs with the right shafts for them.

The First Step: Which Option – Steel or Graphite Shafts?

When it comes to material, people do not know how to make a choice between steel or graphite shafts. Back in the history, it was a common sense that graphite shafts were invented for people who were new to golf since they were easier to control than steel ones. On the contrary, steel shafts were thought to be chosen by more advanced golfers and the professionals. Hold on, this is not true anymore. Do you know that some touring professionals including Tiger Woods are shifting to graphite drivers? Since graphite shafts have lighter weight, more of the club’s total weight lies in the face of the club, which allows you to raise your speed of the swing.

The Second Step: Choose The Right Flex

For your information, flex is defined by how much a shaft will bend when you swing. Therefore, it is essential to choose shafts with the right flex. In case you pick the wrong one, you should be aware that it’s hard to squarely hit the ball with the club head. This will affect your distance. However, it’s impossible to find any standards of official guideline about flex. From experience, we could classify flex into five different levels namely senior, stiff, regular, extra stiff and ladies. You should go with ladies shafts if your drivers carry 200 yards or less. In case of 200 to 225 yards, pick clubs with senior shafts for the best result. In the worse case that you have no clue which shafts to have, always choose whichever is softer.

The Third Step: Consider Length, Weight and Torque

In the next purchase of golf clubs, consider characteristics of length, torque and weight of the shafts. Luckily, length and weight is more of a personal preference. Firstly, let’s discuss about the length of golf clubs. Although clubs having longer shafts are more likely to create a further hit, it is believed that clubs which have shorter shafts can be less difficult to control and increase your accuracy. When it comes to weight, keep in mind that a club with a lighter shafts helps you swing faster and increase your distance. However, it is likely that it will reduce your accuracy, which is the advantage of a club with heavier shafts. Finally, remember that a more-torque shaft helps you create more spin and make a higher hit.

The Final Step: Don’t Be Fooled By The Appearance

When it comes to choose the right golf shafts, never choose appearance over usefulness. This is especially true for male golf players. Remember that extra stiff shafts and long clubs are useless if they are not right for your game! In your next purchase, always buy golf clubs that help you own your game!

Janie G. Smith