Spring Special – only $350 Season Pass SAVE $100.00 – Makes a great gift.

Spring Special – only $350 Season Pass
SAVE $100.00 – Makes a great gift.

2017 Membership Special

  • Only $350 each (saves $150.00)
  • Add your spouse for only $250 (and that saves $100)
  • Add a junior (high school) for only $100 each.
  • Play all you want Monday through Friday until 2:00 p.m.
  • Also play anytime Saturday and Sunday (except for outings)
  • SAVES $150.00 – membership is normally $500

2017 Season Rates:

  • Weekdays: 9 holes / 18 holes
  • Adults weekdays: $10 / $15 each, walking
  • Gas Carts (per player) $7.00 / $14 each
  • Adult Morning Special: Mon – Fri until noon 9 holes + cart $13 / 18 holes + cart $20
  • Students (H.S.) $8 / $13 each
  • Seniors (60+) $8 / $13 Until 2 p.m.
  • Senior Morning Special: Mon – Fri until noon 9 holes + cart $13 / 18 + cart $18 each
  • After 6:00 p.m. 9-hole Special: Monday through Thursday + cart $13 each
  • Saturday, Sunday, & Holidays: 9 holes / 18 holes
  • Everyone $12 / $18 each
  • Pull Carts $1.50 / $2.50 each
  • Gas Carts (per player) $7.00 / $14 each
  • Rental Clubs $5.00 each

Starting times on weekends preferred. Please call.

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Golf Gps Rangefinder Vs Gps Golf Watch

Like almost every other sport in the world, the game of golf has adopted technology to increase its accessibility to amateurs and the ease with which it can be played. Being a game of skill and power rather than brute force, a certain level of control and anticipation is required. However, with the invention of devices such as golf GPS rangefinders and GPS golf watches, amateur players are able to improve their golf game without expensive and time-consuming lessons.

Golf GPS rangefinders and GPS golf watches have the same purpose. Essentially, they said players with precise evaluations of the distance to fixed points along the course. Despite having the same function, there is much debate in online forums on which product is superior ( you can read more about best golf GPS watch reviews or read our tips on how to choose your golf rangefinder if you need more details ).

The golf GPS rangefinder either comes on a handheld device or a mobile application that can be downloaded into a smartphone. Between the two, the handheld version is far more prominent; hence, for the purposes of this article, the GPS rangefinder will strictly refer to the handheld device.

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How To Clean The Golf Swing?

Don’t wing your swing. It’s not just a phrase. It simply won’t do to walk onto that golf course and wing a lousy swing. The right amount of preparation can make sure that the dynamics of your swing are better planned than the next Mission Impossible stunt. While there is a huge debate in and around the existence of the ‘Perfect swing’, it’s definite that every golfer has his or her own swing style. The ideal swing would differ from person to person, their touch of the greens and their response to the environment.  But there are certain key pointers that would make up the arsenal for you to borrow tips from, when in doubt.

Most of us focus on getting the task done with the force of our hands. Since none of us are channeling the spirit of the mighty Hulk, it does not do us much good. For a solid and powerful ball-strike, use your entire body, specifically the lower part of it. A small movement, a precise bend of the knee can help you streamline your energy into the swing of the club. With that in mind, the following run-through will take you through a promising swing at that Ace.

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What Is A Golf Rangefinder And How To Choose Them?

Every serious golfer has their very own – probably very expensive – golfing set. This includes everything from golfing attire to clubs to golf bags and even an exclusive membership at their favorite range.

However, a tool that helps the golfer to improve their game and achieve that ever elusive perfect round is the golf rangefinder. Designed to aid the golfer in determining the distance between fixed points on a golf course, proper usage of this device will increase the accuracy of shots.

Statistically, 60% of golfers use GPS rangefinders, the 2 types being a laser rangefinder and a golf GPS rangefinder.  Regardless of the functionality of both systems, they are accurate to within a yard of the chosen point. So if you’re thinking of getting the best golf rangefinder but can’t quite decide which one to get then read on. The following details may help you to make a decision.

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